For those who do not know the artist Ettore Roesler Franz, great-uncle Francesco, I will give some information. He was a Roman painter of the 19th century who managed to make his way through history with his innovative brushstrokes. He was one of the bearers of the initiates’ secrets and included various significant symbols for interpretation in his works. Reading “The Roesler Franz family and the Initiatic Path” will give you many more elements to understand the talent of this artist. But not only that, because the writer tells us about his Bohemian origins. In addition, as you leaf through this text you will also learn about his links with leading figures in Britain, with Freemasonry and understand the connections made with Picasso, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, to name but a few. Slowly you will touch the mystery that permeates these pages and the writer will take you into the meanders of this ancient world, full of symbols to discover and art to immerse yourself in.