This work is embellished with one hundred and twenty watercolours of Roma Sparita painted by Ettore Roesler Franz, the writer’s great-uncle. It is a tribute to his talent that must be shared and grasped in all its grandeur because of the value of the paintings and their significance. With this book, which is beautiful to leaf through and to read, Franz Roesler Franz immerses us in the history of the capital, showing it to us in an unprecedented way, but also makes us notice details that we would not otherwise have noticed.

There are many meanings hidden behind Ettore Roesler Franz’s brushstrokes, and as we begin to grasp some of them, we wonder what the artist’s real intentions were. What did he want to express? What mysteries lie hidden among the details impressed on the canvas?

“Esoteric Rome” makes one lose oneself in the streets of an unknown, mysterious Rome, hinged on esotericism and the imprint of Freemasonry. It is a book that fills the heart with the beauty of art, that shows the change, but also the spirit of what we read and see having this essay in our hands.

Francesco Roesler Franz has produced a valuable work, he has explored topics, sent back images, told with knowledge of art and its meaning.